37% Conversion Rate Increase for a D2C Fitness Apparel Brand

RBX Active used the Outsmartly Platform to achieve:
faster site speed
increase in conversions
increase in ad attribution accuracy
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“We were hitting the wall on speed, and we felt even more pressure when Google announced it was going to prioritize site speed on search results. All the little adjustments I was trying to make on my own weren’t adding up to any significant impact.”
Adam Hanan
Director of Retail & E-Commerce, RBX Active
Blazing fast mobile site speeds that drive more conversions
Outsmartly delivered a significantly faster site with a 5x improvement in speed and significant improvement in Google Core Web Vitals performance tests. In A/B testing, the faster pages resulted in a 37% uptick in purchase conversions.
Powerful first-party data engine that reveals deeper ad spend insights
Outsmartly analyzed Facebook Ad and Shopify Order data for a 55% improvement in attribution accuracy, allowing RBX to direct ad spend towards what drives the most impact. The solution also future-proofs shopper visibility regardless of third-party data tracking limitations.
Easy deployment that minimizes disruption to existing processes
Outsmartly deployed a headless solution with its proprietary incremental page-level migration. The unique latency-free A/B testing reduces risk and validates results along the way. Shopify remains the primary admin interface to reduce disruption to processes.

Start growing your Shopify store with 50x growth potential at 100x less cost.

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Get Big Brand Advantages in E-Commerce Optimization

Mobile site speed is a competitive advantage that helps unlock revenue and create brand loyalty.* Outsmartly revs up your optimization strategy with:

  • A better, faster shopping experience means your customers will spend more.
  • Deeper advertising insights that help you spend only where it makes an impact.
  • Robust A/B testing that speeds iteration cycles without compromising site performance.

* Milliseconds make millions. Deloitte Ireland. Retrieved October 29, 2021 from link.

First-party means you're in control
Headless, but very smart
Zero Latency A/B testing
“Outsmartly allowed us to realize the site speed impact we were looking for. The first-party data solution for Facebook Ads was the icing on the cake!”
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